General Partnership

Concept of General Partnership

A partnership is an association of two or more persons to carry on, as co-owners, a business and to share its profits and losses. The partnership may come into existence either as a result of the expansion of the sole trading concern or by means of an agreement between two or more persons desirous of forming a partnership. When the business expands in size, the proprietor finds it difficult to manage the business and is forced to take more outsiders who will not only provide additional capital but also assist him in managing the business on sound lines.

The relation between persons who have agreed to share profits of a business carried on by all or any of them acting for all.” According to Partnership Act, there must be two or more persons having contractual relationship. It is not necessary that the business should be managed by all the partners but any one or more partners can run the business on behalf of all the persons. Any partner acting on behalf of other partners can bind the firm to third parties. So there is an implied authority for contracting on behalf of other partners.

Distinctive Features:-

  • Better Resources
  • Avoiding Competition
  • Availing Economies
  • Better Managerial Talent
  • Mutual Co-operation
  • Limited Liability of partners

Requirements & Services

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  1. To small and medium scale business concerns;
  2. Who wants to arrange more funds along with the services of qualified persons;
  3. Wants to work with limited liability under the registered entity;

Requirements For Registration:

  1. Proposed Names of the Firm;
  2. Object or main activity;
  3. Names of the Proposed Partners;
  4. 6 Photos of each Partners;
  5. Identity and Address Proof of each Partners;

Documents Provided to You After Registration:

  1. Registered Partnership Deed
  2. Certificate of Registration

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