Legal Drafting

Concept Of Legal Drafting:

Generally, the drafting means the preparation of Legal Documents by way of combination of Law and Fact in a simple language form. Drafting of legal documents requires, as a pre-requisite, the skills of a draftsman, the knowledge of facts and law so as to put facts in a systematized sequence to give a correct presentation of legal status, privileges, rights and duties of the parties, and obligations arising out of mutual understanding.

Here, we will provide you the drafting of various types of legal documents which are required by you at different stages. You can opt any of the legal documents according to your requirement or can also consult with us regarding the suitability of legal documents for your need.

The Different types of Legal Documents available under various laws are as follows:

Various Agreements and Deeds:-

  • Sale Agreements;
  • Arbitration;
  • Leave and License;
  • IPR Agreements;
  • Mortgage Deed;
  • Lease Deed;
  • Assignment Deed;
  • Trust Deed;
  • Gift Deed;
  • Promissory Note;
  • Will;
  • Relinquishment Deed;
  • Deed of Family Settlement;
  • Hire-Purchase Agreement;
  • Hypothecation Agreements;
  • Outsourcing Agreements;
  • Service Agreements;
  • Shareholder’s Agreement;
  • Joint Ventures and Foreign Collaboration Agreements;
  • Guarantees, Counter Guarantees and Bank Guarantees;
  • Deed of Sale of Land, Building;
  • Partnership Deed-Registration and Dissolution;
  • Power of Attorney- General and Special;
  • Other all related agreements and deed;


Agreements under Companies Act, 2013:

  • Pre-incorporation Contracts;
  • Memorandum of Associations;
  • Articles of Associations;
  • Other Agreements like Slump Sale;

All types of Affidavits


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